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Beginning Your Keto Journey


“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may. 

       We ourselves must walk the path.”




Time, if only I had more time?  More time?  Oh, the things I could do if there were only more hours in the day.

I fly off to work every morning, and before I know it the day is gone.  I trudge back home to start my second job, my family.  I don't have time to go to the gym.  I don't have time to eat healthy.  I guess, what I really am saying is, I am so busy doing for my job, helping my co-workers, and my family that I just don't have any time for me.

I can see the pounds creaping back on.  I hate buying new clothes, bigger clothes.  I'm overweight and no matter what I try, I can't lose it.  If I do manage to lose a few pounds, I can't keep it off no matter what I do? I am afraid of what my future is going to look like.  

The medical lifestyle coaches at Vital LIfe Keto can help set you free by creating a keto program that will work for you without eating up precious time you just don't have.  A keto lifestyle can also help by reducing and in some cases reversing many of the disease processes that go along with being overweight. Vital Life Keto is not just a weight loss program.  It is a the beginning of a new lifestyle that will help you lose and keep your weight off.  Ketogenics is a low carb way of eating that can reverse/reduce many of the modern illnesses that are plaguing our world.  Let us help set you free....  

Free From:

  • Binge Eating
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Living From One Meal To The Next
  • High blood glucose levels
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Insulin Resistance
  • IBS Symptoms
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Other modern day illnesses


What makes us different than other weightloss/lifestyle coaching counselors?

We are different because we are medically trained and work directly under a Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician.  Our online coaching website is fully HIPPA compliant and your information is 100% confidential. 

We understand that you may live either far away and/or live a crazy busy life.  You don't have another hour to devote to drive time to go into a brick and mortar location to get your vitals checks, get measured, weigh-in or have your labs tested.  We know that you are capable of handling things at home/office and just need a way to check in to keep yourself on track.  We can help you simplify your life by doing this through our on-line coaching program.  All you need is a home computer/office computer or your smart phone/tablet.  We will supply you with everything you need to monitor your vitals, check your ketone levels, track your success, etc., in the convenience and privacy of your own home/office with our Keto Care Box.

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Victoria Motazedi, PE, PEP                 Robert T. Motazedi, MD

                            Ketogenic Coach                                                                      Board Certified Anti-Aging Physician


Victoria Motazedi, a medical ketogenic coach with Vital Life Keto is here to help you reshape the way you view the food you eat.  Victoria can help you make the changes you need to make in order to live a longer, healther life.  Isn't it time you lead a life worth celebrating and followed a lifestyle that will help heal your body and mind.  

Victoria will work one-on-one with you in a private setting either at the Vital Life Clinic located in Colorado Springs, Colorado or on-line in the comfort of your own home.  The Vital Life Keto program is a science-based program that is monitored by Robert T. Motazedi, MD, a physician that is Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine.  Patients are evaluated through an intensive interview process that includes bloodwork and other scientifc methods to monitor your progress and success. 

If you are searching for a healthier lifestyle, then please contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION on how you can begin your Keto journey, achieve your goals and set yourself free of a life plagued by health problems.  You deserve to be happy and healthy!

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