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         Victoria Motazedi, PE, PEP

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As a personal ketogenic coach,  I work with a wide range of patients and offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual.  Each patient is personally interviewed to define possible problems and to come up with a strategy to not only losing weight, but to overcoming personal health problems.  Clinical evaluation and bloodwork is needed to help determine the best approach to achieving a successful outcome.  We can perform blood work in our offices or can evaluate labwork from your personal physician.   I offer patients a supportive atmosphere and help them attain the long-term success they are striving for.

There are several ways that I can offer my services to you.  If you would like to meet in person we can schedule a time for you to come into my office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  If you live in another city or have a very busy lifestyle then we can arrange phone sessions or use my online counsling platform.  All of the information and coaching sessions are governed by HIPPA regulations are kept 100% confidential. 

As a Ketogenic Coach, I specialize in the following areas:


                               Long-term lifestyle changes

                               Fasting protocols for longevity

                               Achieving a healthy lifestyle and living a longer life

                               Taking action to reverse/reduce type 2 diabetes

                               Strategies to reverse/reduce

                                           cardiovascular disease and strokes


Please contact me today at 719-596-4000 or through my email at [email protected] to discuss your concerns in private.                                                                    




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